About Us


Our Mission

The Mid Michigan Eating Disorder Recovery Alliance (MMEDRA) strives to secure that  eating disorder prevention, assessment, education, resources and treatment are accessible within Mid-Michigan.

Our Vision

MMEDRA advocates for best practices of treatment and prevention of eating disorders within our community. Our objective includes wellness initiatives  within our community  that support a healthy relationship with body and food. Additionally, we aim to  promote positive body image and weight neutrality, as well as freedom from weight preoccupation and size prejudice. Our work inspires increased  prevention and awareness of eating disorders and the needs of those affected by challenging stigma and bias surrounding body weight, shape and size, and disordered eating.

Meet the Women Behind MMEDRA

Rebecca Brumm

Partners in Change: Psychological & Community Services, PLC

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Rebecca Brumm has a Master’s degree in professional counseling and is licensed by the State of Michigan.  Since 2005, she has treated adolescents and adults with a variety of concerns and specializes in helping clients improve body image and resolve eating disorders.

Rebecca’s expertise in this area comes from a variety of perspectives: she is a Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor, a Health At Every Size (HAES) Practitioner, a Certified Group Fitness Instructor and has worked as a Certified Health Coach and a National Health Presenter for Cigna Health. Before starting her work at Partners in Change in 2010, she was the Employee Assistance Program Coordinator for Family and Children’s Services of Mid-Michigan where she was responsible for employee wellness initiatives and program development for corporations throughout the Great Lakes Bay Region.   

Rebecca’s career is centered on her passion for wellness. She is committed to helping people develop balance, compassion, connection, and acceptance leading to happy and healthy lives.

Kati Mora, MS, RDN

CEO/Founder of Around the Plate

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Kati is the CEO and founder of Around the Plate where her mission is to help people rediscover confidence and joy at the table. Kati embraces a Health at Every Size(R) approach and encourages people to work with their bodies, not against them.

Kati provides support to individuals in active eating disorder recovery and those looking to break free from the dieting cycle. Kati also speaks around the state of Michigan to raise awareness about weight stigma and support individuals in embracing more weight-neutral approaches that support long-term, holistic health.

Graduating from Central Michigan University in 2006 with her Bachelor of Science in Dietetics and then her Master of Science in Nutrition and Dietetics in 2010, Kati has proudly remained in the Mid-Michigan region area, working with individuals in active eating disorder recovery over the last 5 years. When Kati isn’t helping clients reclaim food freedom, you can usually find Kati spending time with her husband, two boys, and their Morkie, Susie Star Wars.

Lisa Thompson

Founder/CEO of Self Love Beauty 

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Lisa Thompson is the CEO/founder of Self Love Beauty an online brand that's mission is to empower everyone to have self-love, feel empowered and have confidence in themselves. Lisa is a self-love expert and teaches men and women the importance of loving themselves through courses, speaking engagement and one on one coaching/mentorship.

Thompson graduated from Michigan State University with a degree in communications and public relations. She not only is the CEO of this brand but currently works in Corporate Affairs for a fortune 50 company, is a fitness instructor and works for a non-profit called Reach Out LaFond to help a village in Haiti. Her vision is “To create a world where women are empowered to love themselves and achieve anything they desire.”

Lisa Carpenter, M.A.,L.P.C.

Founder/Lead Therapist at Center of Hope Counseling

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Lisa Carpenter, M.A.,L.P.C., is the founder and lead therapist at Center of Hope Counseling. After 15 years of experience working in the field of counseling, Lisa became passionate about helping individuals struggling with Eating Disorders. Since then she has had extensive training in the treatment of eating and co-existing disorders including anxiety, depression, and body image issues. In addition to her 22 years of providing individual counseling, Lisa has developed and facilitates group counseling experiences which she finds to be an important part of the recovery process. Her dream to provide comprehensive services which includes, individualized therapy, group counseling, mindfully based yoga classes, and case collaboration with treatment team members including medical professionals and Registered Dietitians came to fruition when she opened Center of Hope in 2016.

Ashlee Atkinson

Intern at Center of Hope Counseling

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Ashlee is a Master-Level Intern while she finishes up her Master of Arts in Professional Counseling at Central Michigan University. She has been working with Lisa since 2013 as an undergraduate intern and more recently in administration since 2016 while pursuing her graduate degree. Ashlee intends to specialize in Eating Disorders, Family Counseling, and holds a Prepare & Enrich certification to work with couples and families. Ashlee has attended several conferences to learn about treatment perspectives for eating disorders during both her undergraduate and graduate studies. She has also been involved with the National Eating Disorder Association (NEDA) to chair the NEDA walk of Mount Pleasant in 2015, bringing community awareness to eating disorders and allowing a place for celebration of recovery. Ashlee also plans to start a family and caregiver support group in her time at Center of Hope, delving into her dreams of educating caregivers and community members on how to stay helpful and involved in the care of loved ones.

Jennifer Campbell, MA LPC CHC

Psychotherapy & Health Coaching

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Jennifer has been a licensed psychotherapist in the Great Lakes Bay Region for over 10 years with a focus on depression, anxiety and eating disorders. She received a Bachelor of Science degree from Ferris State University and her Master of Arts degree in Counseling Psychology from Western Michigan University. She has experience working with individuals of all ages both in acute inpatient and outpatient settings with a variety of mental health needs. In 2017, Jennifer transitioned into her own independent practice, JLK Counseling LLC, focused on eating disorders, and health and wellness.

As a member of the National Association of Anorexia Nervosa & Associated Disorders (ANAD), Jennifer supports individuals of all ages and their families affected by eating disorders. She is a certified trainer and facilitator with the Embody Love Movement and offers workshops to female adults & adolescents. Through interactive and experiential group work participants are empowered and learn how to celebrate their inner beauty. She is a Certified Health Coach through the National Society of Health Coaches (NSHC) and offers individual and group wellness coaching. Her approach to treatment is holistic in nature and views each client as a unique being regardless of their needs.